To develop new therapies for cancer and related diagnostics, monitor the course of the disease


Oncoxx Biotech S.r.l is an SME(small-medium enterprise) founded in 2012, in partnership between university research groups, hospitals and private entrepreneurs. Oncoxx Biotech operates in synergy with Mediterranea Theranostic to develop new anti-cancer drugs and companion diagnostics.

The costs of developing a new drug reach $ 1 billion, with a timeline of 10-15 years.

Oncoxx is highly competitive in terms of scientific profile, as leader of the Trop-2 field, and partner of University research groups and of an international leading-edge collaborative network.

Oncoxx Biotech has generated two new proprietary anti-Trop-2 monoclonal antibodies [antibodies are molecules produced by our immune system to bind / eliminate harmful targets, n.d.r.].

Oncoxx has shown that the two antibodies cure human tumors, transplanted in experimental models. Unique feature: the antibodies are synergistic, in terms of efficacy and applicability to most cancers in humans.

Oncoxx is now concluding the engineering of antibodies into forms that can be administered to patients ("humanization"), closing the critical phase of the generation of "molecules" to open that of the creation of the "drug".

To obtain the "drug", there are now the last stages preceding the human experimentation: determination of toxicity, doses and methods of administration


Saverio Alberti

President, CEO

Chieti University Oncological Patology Researcher